Duro-Last Roofing is a world leader in the use of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for low-slopped or flat building applications. It is a single-ply roofing system that is extremely durable and appropriate for commercial and industrial installations, whether you have a big or small business. Duro-Last roofing should be your first choice because of its many added benefits, efficiency, and reliability.

It offers businesses across America with a prefabricated roof that is ready-to-install and goes on without horrible smells from harmful chemicals, noise, and business interrupting mess.

Benefits of Duro-Last roofing systems

1. Energy efficient

Duro-Last is a proud partner of the EPA’s Energy Star Roof Products Program, providing you with sustainable and cool roofing systems. They retain reflectivity of more than 85% after three years of wear and tear, making Duro-Last energy efficient even when it ages. Its refractive nature saves money for your business as it cools your building, ensuring your HVAC system doesn’t work as hard to cool it.

2. Eco-friendly

If you’re looking for an environmentally sensitive sustainable roofing solution, Duro-Last is the best option for you. For instance, it is suitable for mounting rooftop solar systems, and the roof membrane is made to fit any property. Duro-Last’s roofing membrane seaming is 85% completed before being delivered to your job site, making its installation less harmful to your environment.

For green sustainability, Duro-Last is a wise choice as it’s recyclable and adheres to the highest standards of NSF/ANSI 347 and has high performance.

3. Durability

Extreme weather conditions, fires, and punctures call for a highly durable roofing system that can withstand any harsh elements. An unreliable roofing system can cost your company a lot of capital in repairs and maintenance on a frequent basis due to damage issues.

Duro-Last’s roofing PVC membrane is resistant to chemicals, high winds, fires, and extreme weather temperatures, making it highly effective for your commercial property. It also prevents roof leaks and other roof problems that may affect the structure of your building. However, Duro-Last roofing requires proper maintenance to increase its durability and life-span. Your Duro-Last roof can last for decades with minimal issues.

4. Roofing warranties

Duro-Last roofing systems offer some of the best warranties for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. It comes with a 15-year standard warranty that has zero payments for labor and warranted materials and has no exclusions for puddles of water. This also covers you against consequential damages caused by defects in your Duro-Last PVC material.

You also have the option to choose from various warranty packages in case you want more coverage for your property, and some packages last up to 20 years. When you install a new Duro-Last roof, your warranty is 100% free.

Types of membrane

Duro-Last roofs aren’t one size fits all, so are ideal for roofs of different sizes and shapes. They have a diverse number of products that make them fit for any commercial and industrial roofs, depending on your roofing needs. Here are some common membrane types you can go for.

1. Single-ply membrane

This is one of the most reliable and common roofing systems used across the United States. It comes with a 40, 50, or 60 mm thickness and a weft insertion scrim with a density of 14×18 square inches.

2. Duro-fleece membrane

This membrane is made to provide an extra layer of adhesion to your commercial building. It is energy efficient and comes with a 5 1/2 fleece material for connecting the substrate and the membrane.

3. Duro-tuff membrane

This membrane comes in 50, 60, or 80mm thickness and is highly durable.

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