Your roofing system is the primary barrier that plays an important role when it comes to protecting your home from weather and other related elements. Majority of homeowners in the US are aware of the risks different types of weather come with. However, most of them do not know the effects of their roofing structure after weathering. Roof damages are not visible easily, but become apparent over time. Hence, homeowners are unable to notice and rectify the issue at hand.

If you do not get your roofing system inspected or maintained at regular intervals the damage done to your roof may worsen. Rain, wind or hail may cause significant damage to your roof and almost every person has seen how extreme such conditions can be. Home insurance companies are said to be spending millions of dollar each year to cover for roof damages of their customers after severe weather conditions.

In case you do not know, here is how storms can affect your roofing system:


The primary goal of a roof is to protect not only you, but your home against various weather elements. Many people love the rainy weather, but that does not mean that your roof can sustain the water damage after rain. While it is not possible for rain to damage roofing on its own, the current vulnerabilities of your roofing system such as poor design or improper installation may contribute towards the damage. Suppose your roof has missing tiles amid heavy rain, it will cause further damage the roof as the rain water might leak into your structure. It is recommended to regularly check your roof for any potential damages.


Hailstorms are a common occurrence in different parts of the country during spring. It is said that hailstorms can significantly damage your roof, sidings and windows. The exterior of your home is most likely to be affected by hailstorms. Home and business owners spend nearly billions of dollars each year to repair the damages caused. The reason why hailstorms are dangerous is that they can cause serious fractures in the roof or tiles.


Strong winds have the potential to damage anything along their path. Storms and strong winds are the leading cause of roof damages in commercial and residential properties. Roof tiles and shingles tend to get loose or fall off during such instances. Therefore, whenever there is an unusual weather occurrence it is advised check the condition of your roofing.

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