For Existing Foam, Metal, Mod-Bit, and Single Ply Roofs



The best option for a low cost, high return investment for your roofing restoration project. EnduraStore will cost a fraction of a complete tear-off roof replacement while providing a durable surface and superior low maintenance solution for the property owner.

Superior Adhesion
Specially design to easily adhere to most roofing substrates, an EnduraStore” Roofing System will stay flexible in extreme temperatures.

Extended Life
A thick, seamless coating restores and extends the life of your roof. EduraStore” provides exceptional resistance to ultraviolet light and adverse weather and wind conditions, while protecting the substrate.

Cost Effective
Instead of a complete roof replacement taking more time and money, EnduraStore’ substantially reduces your out-of-pocket costs while solving your current problems.

Environmentally Friendly
By maximizing energy and cost savings, EnduraStore reduces the environmental impact and meets Energy StarĀ® guidelines.

Almost maintenance free, EnduraStore” is easy to care for and virtually trouble-free, allowing the roofing system to last a lifetime at a minimal cost.

Unmatched Adaptability
Lightweight and extremely adaptable, EnduraStore” conforms to unique shapes and drainage systems. It does not require screws and fasteners to penetrate the roof deck, and it can be applied in sections, never requiring exposure of open roof decks.


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