A Durable, Lightweight, Energy Efficient, and Weather Resistant System


EnduraPlus Foam and Coating System

EnduraPlus is part of NCFI’s EnduraTech Premier Roofing Systems

EnduraPlus Roofing System

  1. For re-roofing, the EnduraPlus Roofing System is the best option. It offers improved structural integrity, seamless breathable spray-in-place rigid Polyurethane Foam and protective elastomeric coating to provide a durable, lightweight, energy efficient, and weather resistant solution.
  2. The EnduraPlus Roofing System can save building owners both time and money. The EnduraPlus Foam & Coating System is:
    1. Sustainable by having the ability to recoat at the end of their warranty period to extend the warranty and the life of the roof.
    2. Improves Drainage, as the Polyurethane Foam is applied to move water toward the drains/canales in a manner that decreases the area and depth of water on the roof surface.
    3. Energy Saving, providing superior R-value per inch, reducing both heating and cooling costs.
    4. The best thermal insulation commercially available
    5. Exceptionally reflective to areas with extreme sun such as New Mexico
    6. Time tested and proven, as Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing and insulating systems have been successfully applied for over 35 years
    7. Less maintenance if damaged, since caulking is sufficient for repair in most cases.

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