Ideal for your large warehouse, franchise properties and more

Building Owners

Duro-Last is custom-made for your buildings with lifetime warranties, and installed by authorized contractors, like Seamless Roofing Solutions.


Duro-Last provides you with a high-quality, custom-fabricated, single-ply roofing system, specified by architects and consultants alike.


With less maintenance, labor and overall hassles, working year-round leaves you with more profits for your business.

The Duro-Last Difference

With Duro-Last, each job is a single-ply, custom project, ideal for commercial roofing systems, whether the roof is flat or low-sloped. Highly durable and easy installation authorized by Duro-Last contractors will not keep your building from day-to-day operations. The Duro-Last Roofing System is resistant to chemicals, fire and high winds, low maintenance, watertight, and ideal for your New Mexico businesses.

Proven Performance

Duro-Last is a proven quality product. With the best in-class warranties and quality assurance, Duro-Last makes your commercial properties in New Mexico reliable and easy to maintain.


Duro-Last is a prefabricated roofing system, made in a factory-controlled environment. Duro-Last is easy to install with custom-fabrication and 85% of the seams completed before arrival on the job site.

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