Before you deciding to list their home, many sellers struggle with the dilemma of getting a new roof, as a new roof often costs an arm and a leg. Many people, who decide to get a new roof before selling, often adjust the amount in the selling quotation hoping that the buyer will not negotiate the amount.

However, the decision to get a new roof before selling the house is a complex decision, as there is capital involved. There are numerous factors that are required to be taken into consideration, among which, the motivation to get the roof replaced, market condition and comparative homes for sales are important.

Getting a new roof has several advantages for the seller, which are explained as follows:

Many real estate agents are of the opinion that if a roof needs replacement, then the smart choice is to get it done before it is put on sale. The market is extremely competitive where buyers mostly have several options to choose from. For instance, if a buyer has to choose between two houses where one has a good roof, and the other has poor roofing then his obvious choice will be the house with a new roof.

Another thing is that buyers today search for houses online. Their purchasing decision is made on the aesthetic appeal. Therefore, if the picture shows missing shingles or granules, the chances are that the buyer will lose interest in the place.

Consequently, if you have a new roof, the buyers will get another reason to consider your property. Your property will stand better amongst the pool of potential options, increasing your chances of selling faster. Many realtors have noticed that a new roof has played an important role in luring buyers. It needs to be understood that a good roof does not only mean aesthetic appeal, but it also indicates enhanced functionality. Many buyers know that that leakages or cracks can cause massive
damage in the long run. Therefore if your roof is not functional, chances are that the buyer will not really be interested in your property.

People who have gotten their home roof replaced before listing the house for sale have noticed a faster response. Moreover, they have also gotten a higher price for the property. It needs to be understood that buyers now do their market research before investing in a property. So, they are well aware of the long-term cost associated with poor roofing.

Thus, it is a smart decision to get your house roof replaced before you list it on any platform. Your chances of expediting the sale and getting high prices will increase exponentially. Have more questions about our roofing products? Call Seamless Roofing Solutions at 505-450-3396 or fill out our online contact form.