Environmentally Friendly Advantages of a PVC Roof

Regular maintenance of your roof is important but it is more important to choose the perfect roofing material to start with. In our increasingly environmental conscious world, business and homeowners alike are trying to build with green materials. PVC roofing is the most popular single-ply roofing choice.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The initial solar reflectivity of all the PVC roofing systems is almost 0.65 which means 65 percent of the total heat is reflected by the PVC roofing and the rest is absorbed. There are also manufacturers who offer PVC roofing solutions that reflects almost 70 percent of the heat. PVC roofing has been tested to maintain 50 percent solar reflectivity even after three years. As it offers higher solar reflectivity, it also helps in reducing cost and energy consumption which allows home and building owners to save up to 45 percent electricity cost. Furthermore, the PVC roofs enhance the performance of underlying roof insulation to almost 50 percent, which results in reduced energy waste, as well as cooling and heating costs.

Improved Air Quality

The PVC vinyl roofing positively impacts the air quality as it has the ability to reflect solar heat. NASA conducted a research in which they found that urban air temperatures in summer can be reduced significantly by using light roof surfaces such as PVC. The ability to reduce urban air temperature improves the quality of air because increased air temperatures create chances for a smog. Installing PVC roofs on multiple homes and business in an urban area can significantly reduce heat and thereby reduce the chances of smog formation.

Conserving Resources

The lightweight PVC roofing systems help in reducing the use of wood, and steel which are necessary in supporting heavier roofing system. The PVC roofing systems also enhanced the life of your roof to almost 75 percent which means the PVC roofs can last 20 years, reducing the cost of energy, the labor, and the materials used in the production of roofing systems. Since the PVC roofs are also moisture and UV-protected, they require no to less maintenance for years. This helps in conserving materials and other resources that would be otherwise needed for the repair purposes.

Usually, the waste of a roof construction fills the landfills , however PVC roofs can be installed on top of the roofing system, which means tearing down the old roof is not needed anymore. This not only helps in saving the fees of trash removal and landfills but it will also save the labor and extra time linked with the tearing down process. PVC roofing systems are inherently recyclable. PVC roofing materials have the ability to be recycled back into other roofing products. This means PVC roofing offers little to no waste in both installation and manufacturing.

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